SoWa Vintage Market Vendors

There are about 25 vendors operating every Sunday at the SoWa Vintage Market. To ensure the best variety of high-quality antique items, the market organizers vet all interested sellers before giving permission to sell. In addition, the market requires that the vendors change displays and rotate new items into their booths. Moreover, sellers are frequently replaced depending on their ability to meet these standards. Some frequent market vendors at the SoWa Vintage Market are listed below.


The House of Findings

Mayra Gonzalez operates The House of Findings sells a variety of classically vintage clothes from almost every decade.

Lola’s Urban Vintage

Nicoletta Lyons sells reconstructed, bold, and exciting, upcycled, vintage clothes at Lola’s Urban Vintage. Moreover, she takes a contemporary twist on wearing vintage.




Become a Vendor

Interested in selling at SoWa’s Vintage Market? You can apply to set up a booth for a whole season or just one day, giving you the ability to experiment before committing. Also, applications are continuously being evaluated and accepted. Plus, the cost of space ranges from $85 to $600 depending on the size and number of weeks rented. To learn more about the specifics of becoming a vendor, visit the website below.


Vendor Resgistration:

To register to sell at the SoWa Vintage Market click here.


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