Where to get an online appraisal of your art and antiques

An online appraisal of your art or antiques is a great alternative to the offline appraisal – where you need to contact a local appraiser or drive to the nearest auction house or antique shop.

An online appraisal of your art, collectibles or inherited antiques will save you time and often it is enough to do the job. Which is to determine the value. Mearto offers online appraisals and is an alternative to the nearest auction house.

Value is almost always determined by the sales comparisons approach. Which means that appraisers will compare the property to the similar items they can find online and consider most common for the item at hand.


Free online appraisals

submit your item to different auction houses or study an open database with art auction results – like this one with a free trial. Always understand the agenda of the people who provide you with an appraisal. There might be conflicts of interests – especially if you do not “pay” for the appraisal. You might end up paying in different ways.

Country Living
has an appraisal program where you can submit an item for appraisal online. It seems like they do not answer all the time as they only select special items for appraisal.

Valuation days

Follow the local auction houses and when they and where they arrange valuation days. It is a chance for you to get someone to review your item and appraise it. Often for free. Here is an example from Bonhams


Antique forums

Post your questions in the different auction and antique forums. There you can be lucky to meet the right person who knows exactly what kind of item you have.

Like this one

Buy antique price guide books

There is written a ton of great books covering the value of antique, art, ceramics, jewelry, silver etc. find them on Amazon here here



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